About me

I am a passionate professional who likes to look at software development and IT from different perspectives. With more than 20+ years of experience as a software developer and IT, 10+ years as an architect and 8+ years as a consultant, I’ve coupled my technical expertise, management skills and agile practices to help company’s and become hyper-productive.

With 8+ years of Scrum Master experience, 3+ years of Product Owner experience, I know how to create value in complex environments by finding ways to create improvement and strengthen the collaboration between business and IT.

I help Software Engineers and Dev/Ops with enthusiasm and by knowing the content and details of the project so I can layout a roadmap with a balance in long term quality and short term delivery.

As an Agile Coach I help departments and companies with their Agile transformations. I know all the pitfalls and how to overcome them.

More than once I’ve been called a very enthusiastic, proactive, skilled, analytic team player and coach as I enjoy training, coaching and motivating people till the end of each project.

Bringing the ability to quickly know why a project is running as it is (good or bad), I’m always driven how to (further) improve this.

If you’d like to see about what I’m learning or working on right now you can check out my blog.

My blog

If you’re interested in what I’m learning or working on lately you can check out my blog.

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