Scraping contact data with Python export to csv

So I saw this assignment on or and I just wanted to see if I could do it with python.

The assignment was to scrape the contact information from with a PHP script. Now I’ve done a lot of development in PHP but since I’ve met Python I just don’t really like PHP anymore.

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Scrum Guide in EPUB format

The Scrum Guide is not available in the EPUB format, I did not really like that. So I created an EPUB version of the Scrum Guide myself. Scrum, it’s being part of my professional work life for some time now. As is Agile, I cannot imagine a work life without an Agile Mindset or Scrum doing my job. I’m a certified Scrum Master for some years now, but I did not do the Professional Product Owner Exam yet. But I should do it…. so during my holiday I planned to read the Scrum Guide 1 time each day. There is only one problem…. it’s in PDF format only. And my Kobo ebook reader does not like PDF format documents. It does like EPUB format ebooks and documents so that’s a problem.

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Python convert Medium export to Markdown files

So I left Medium for some obvious reasons. Don’t get me wrong! I loved (and maybe still love) Medium, but with no more custom domains and going in a direction I don’t prefer, I created my own sites on Github.

Well github now in the hands of MickeySoft… surely Github is going to hell, but as long as I can host my scripts and sites on their servers for 80 bucks per year.. I’m quite okay with it.

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Better Jekyll Github pagination without Plugin

I love the way Github let’s you publish your own site with Jekyll. There is however one minus you can live with or without. You cannot use extra Jekyll plugins besides the plugins provided on Github pages. And pagination can only be done in a nice way when you have a extra plugin, or is there a way?

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Local month name in Jekyll Github site

GitHub is a great place to create your own site with Jekyll. But when you host your site with Jekyll on Github you do not have alle possibilities that Jekyll has. As a Dutch guy with Dutch sites I did not want the date to show up in an English way, so I wrote a little piece of code to show the Dutch month names.

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I've had it with Wordpress

I really really really had it with Wordpress.

Don’t get me wrong! Wordpress is one of the best Content Management Systems in the world. It’s easy to set up, easy to extent and easy to maintain.

Although maintaining is easy, it’s still a lot of work. You really have to keep your site up to date and allthough there are auto-update scripts they don’t always work.

So I’ve had several Wordpress sites. At a certain point I had like 4 blogs, a company site, 3 resume sites and I had to maintain them all.

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