I’ve written like 0 blog articles now, So it’s about time I tell you some more about who I am.

My name is Theo van der Sluijs and I am a Software Development Manager. I’ve got a broad background in Software and Rich Internet (cloud-based) Application development.

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As a mentor, negotiator and team leader, I forge solid relationships between my team members, product owners and stakeholders and I help the teams during the “sprints” to the finish line. I keep my staff keen and try them to push their own boundaries every day.

I’m focused on technological issues and how to solve them with in-house known and new Cutting-Edge Technology.

I do contract negotiations with and keep a keen eye on software delivery of external companies or hired recourses. I translate internal business issues to FO’s and TO’s for these companies.

Just love the adoption and integration of new technology. I understand the need to align IT with real business needs, and to achieve these goals on time.

I Love:

I live in the Province of Zeeland in The Netherland, in a Little Village called Wolphaartsdijk.

I was born in the Year 1975 on the 14th of may, so I’ve been on this planet for like 44 years now.

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