I am a passionate professional who likes to look at software development and IT from different perspectives. With more than 20+ years of experience as a software developer and IT, 10+ years as an architect and 8+ years as a consultant, I've coupled my technical expertise, management skills and agile practices to help company's and become hyper-productive. If you’re interested in what I’m learning or working on lately you can check out my blog.

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MongoDB! Sinds ik er mee begonnen ben, ben ik er niet meer mee te stoppen. Okay… je kan je afvragen of het ten alle tijden MySQL zal vervangen, maar ik ben in korte tijd echt Fan geworden van Mongodb. Maar de overstap van MySQL Queries naar Aggregate functions is wel...

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Captain James T. Kirk used to Say: To boldly go where no one has gone before. Well… where you didn’t go before and about to explore is a strange new world called Vagrant.

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So today I’ve had my first DevOpsday. Which is short for Great! Because is was great and I learned a lot. This was the first DevOpsday in the Netherlands and the day was divided into 3 parts, talks, open spaces and BBQ. I can be short about the BBQ, it...

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What? You’re still using Excel as your bug tracking system? You are kidding me right? If your still using excel within your team as bug tracking system you’re not really working on the bugs. No your working on the excel sheet to get all the bugs / feature requests and...