Installation and configuration S3CMD Centos

At work and home (for my site) I needed a way to backup a server (mysql / mongodb and files). I could just zip it and ftp it to my Synology at home… but…. why not save the cloud server files on another cloud like AWS Amazon!

So I found the S3CMD tools for connecting to my AWS Bucket.

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Mongodb aggregate $match, $and, $or in PHP

MongoDB! Sinds ik er mee begonnen ben, ben ik er niet meer mee te stoppen.

Okay… je kan je afvragen of het ten alle tijden MySQL zal vervangen, maar ik ben in korte tijd echt Fan geworden van Mongodb.

Maar de overstap van MySQL Queries naar Aggregate functions is wel even wennen.

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Why DevOpsDays are great, and why there should be DevMansDays

So today I’ve had my first DevOpsday. Which is short for Great! Because is was great and I learned a lot.

This was the first DevOpsday in the Netherlands and the day was divided into 3 parts, talks, open spaces and BBQ.

I can be short about the BBQ, it was good, like lunch and breakfast!

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Say bye bye to Excel, say Hello To Jira!

What? You’re still using Excel as your bug tracking system? You are kidding me right? If your still using excel within your team as bug tracking system you’re not really working on the bugs. No your working on the excel sheet to get all the bugs / feature requests and tasks right in place.

If you think you can … no should do better as a development lead / manager keep reading. Cause using Excel as ticket tool is so 2012!

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