Yeah!!! I’m a certified Pomodoro Master

1 min read. January 16, 2013 Pomodoro Technique   Pomodoro   Certification   Development Personal

Well I could not believe it at first, but my colleague Harrie Verveer was right. I’m a certified Pomodoro Master.

It has been quite a few months since I wrote the 6 objectives of the technique and send it to the Pomodoro Technique® site.
< !–more –> I was looking for my own page on the Pomodoro World’s Citizens Registry, but I could not find it.

I was looking for it on the citizens- registry page. But that did not change!

Guess what, it seems I was looking on the wrong page. Don’t know what the citizens-registry page is for, but my page on Pomodoro can be found by going to the “Experiences” page. And there it is !


[Certified Pomodoro Master — Theo van der


So now, I’ll have to write an abstract for a talk for the Dutch PHP Conference 2013. As I promised to Harrie :-)